Modern Online Advertising Techniques Bring Life to Your Business

Modern advertising techniques add personality to companies and their products. Nowadays people are bored with the old advertising techniques like billboards, signs, etc. These methods are so outdated that many people ignore their message. With technology permeating every field, advertising is taken to new levels using more modern advertising mediums like television, mobile phones and the internet. It is easy to get your message to the greatest number of the right people in a affordable way. Big companies no longer need to expend their advertising effort focusing on big cities. With the wide-spread adoption of technology like internet and cell phone service in even the most remote locations the multi-national companies are finding it much easier to deliver their message everywhere.Website promotion has become common place since webmasters discovered the drastic increase in revenue when they took advantage of certain tricks and techniques that made their websites more popular. Now website promotion comes in many forms, thanks in large part to these special techniques, tricks, and tools. As the advertising industry integrates the newest forms of advertising using modern technology, the methods and techniques of identifying target markets become increasingly effective. Some of these well-known and effective techniques are discussed below.One popular advertising method is the method of advertising through classified sites. This method is very popular now because of its low cost and it’s ability to bring the right kind of traffic to the website. Most of the classified advertising sites allow advertising on their site for free. Only those who are interested in your services will click your ads, which will bring you only the targeted visitors. Another popular method is listing your website or service in web directories. Boring ads will not bring any traffic to your website; ads need to grab the viewer’s attention and make them want to know more about your product/service. Ads that are attractive, creative and enticing will bring in much more traffic than boring ones. Other classified ads are placed using banners, animation pictures, video ads etc.Another popular advertising technique is writing articles about the product you are promoting and submitting them to the online article directories. These articles should be posted in forums covering products or services similar to the products and services you are promoting. The articles should be well written and informative. Most article submission websites and forums will not allow articles that are clearly written with the intention of selling a particular product or service. Rather the article should be informative and value added. The link to the website being advertised needs to be placed in the author’s bio box. That is where the specific advertising takes place. By establishing the author as an authority on a particular subject matter, people will click on the related link to find out more of what the author has to offer.Some people prefer to advertise using email marketing strategies to market their products. Some unscrupulous people spam their message to every inbox they can get their hands on. Others practice restraint and only advertise to groups of people that have signed up to receive these advertisements. There are a large number of people that have discovered the benefits of using a double opt-in target email marketing method and use that as their sole method of product promotion.These are just a few of the methods used to advertise products and services. Every day new techniques are being discovered. Websites that keep track of the newest techniques will get ahead of the competition when advertising their products and services. Websites that use techniques that make their product or service appear second rate will not last long in the rapidly changing advertising industry.

Advertising on the Radio – Keep it Simple

Let’s say you spent good money on a brochure. Several pages filled with features, benefits, facts, figures, call to action, contact info…oh yeah, paragraphs about who you are, what you do….the different services you provide, your product offerings…and the list goes on and on. Everything you believe a potential client would need or want to know about your business. Now you are interested in advertising on the radio.Here’s a great radio advertising tip -Don’t let your radio commercials end up like your brochure.Advertising on the radio works best when it is simple and effective.First…a given. If you are going to advertise on the radio. Make sure you have a product that has demand. In another article we discuss the topic of Direct Response Radio Advertising Mistakes: A Product No One Wants. With that said, lets move on to advertising on the radio assuming there is demand for your product or service.Simplicity is the key to effective direct response radio advertising. Face it, when you are buying fifteen, thirty, even sixty seconds worth of radio advertising, you don’t have the time to create an audio brochure. Radio advertising is a powerful advertising medium, but can it work for you?Yes it can. You just need to make sure your direct response radio advertising campaign is just that…DIRECT. When advertising on the radio, get right to the point. What is the problem your potential customers face? What is the solution? (Hopefully this is where you have inserted your company name). What benefit does your company provide that solves the problem? And most important of all…what would make me choose your company? Here is where the irresistible offer comes in. Direct response radio advertising is rooted in a foundation of “what’s in it for me”. Give me reason to call. A free offer…free sample…free estimate…deep discount…money back guarantee…whatever your feel is important to your potential customer. This offer helps “grease the skids” and provides a strong incentive to call or click.And speaking of calls and clicks – If you are advertising on the radio, you must make your call to action clear, concise and memorable. In other words, if you are driving to a toll free number, make sure you are not advertising some random ten digits that are difficult to remember. Use vanity phone numbers. Vanity phone numbers provide sticking power in the listeners mind. What will you remember more – 1-800-I-ATE-A-BUG or 1-800-428-3228 (plus the extra useless digit)? You can use a combination of vanity numbers or words and number for tracking purposes. If you are directing your radio advertising campaign to a URL. Make sure it’s a simple domain name. No long URL’s with dashes and slashes and long strings of weird variables. Simple works better. And again, you can use a variety of simple domains for tracking. And make sure you mention your number or URL at least a couple of times throughout the radio commercial.So what have you learned here?When advertising on the radio, keep it simple. Get directly to the problem, the solution, the benefit, the irresistible offer, and the clear call to action. Keep this simple structure in mind, and your chances of success when advertising on the radio dramatically increase.Until next time…